Top Ten Wildlife and Zoos in Bali

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Like many islands Bali does have a unique eco-system. However due to human development habitats and national parks are smaller than you would expect coming from Australia. Having 4.2 million people in an area only twice the size of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has obviously reduced the chances of massive expansive parks. This said their are still some places to spot local and global wildlife and enjoy a day out of the hustle and bustle of the city. In this top ten we didn’t quite reach ten (two are national parks) but there’s still a comprehensive amount of choice here.

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What makes a number 1 Wildlife or Zoo in Bali?

A great wildlife park or zoo needs a lot of animals. At the same time variety is all important also. Whether you’re interested in local or exotic animals what’s usually important is that you can see more than just a handful of creatures. Variety will get an entry into the list however services and good infrastructure will see an entry climb. A number one entry will need variety, good services and something extra to thrill tourists and visitors alike.

What got the others in?

Varying from highly animal focused and coordinated locations to less organised walks and treks with guides Bali has a lot to offer any prospective biology fan. The top of the list focuses on those specialised animal parks which have well choreographed exhibits of both local and exotic animals. Considering how many people actually call Bali home the standard is actually quite low and anyone could easily see that the normal standard of a Balinese venue of this ilk would be no match for an Australian one. While this may well be true in general there is some real uniqueness in how the local market approaches and delivers the experience.

Final thoughts

We did hit something of a wall in this list. Yes, we did get ten but no, they are not all what you would call zoos or wildlife parks. Some are either in national parks or parks of some sort and some are really just a habitat of some sort. Looking around Bali you would neve think that there is space for a lot of animals in the island. It’s true that for a place of over 4 million people their isn’t as much of a market than you would expect and. Being honest you will see more of this in a medium sized Australian city. That said Bali does have variety and it does have animals that you will not see in Australia.

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