Top Ten West Bali National Park (Bali Barat)

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Ordinarily here in top ten land we write a piece dedicated to a park or reserve or something that will let locals and tourists alike see at least some of the flora and fauna of the location their in. Sadly for Bali national parks are relatively not as plentiful as they would be in say Australia which has vast land tracts which offer boundless opportunity to see local habitats. This is no real surprise considering the sheer density of population in the island of 4 million people. This said the West Bali National park does offer a real bounty of nature and with countless local animals, birds and reptiles it really is worth a visit.

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Important ***Map warnings and tips***

We even gave you our top ten animals!

1. Water monitor
2. Bali Myna
3. Black-naped Oriole
4. Crested Serpent Eagle
5. Hawksbill sea turtle
6. Indian muntjac
7. Javan lutung
8. Leopard cat
9. Stork-billed Kingfisher
10. Wild Boar

What gets a West Bali National park attraction to number 1?

What is on offer really is, by Australian standards, a small national park, however in this case it really does pack a punch with the location teeming with wildlife, sights and attractions. So much so that we actually created another top ten which talks about all of the different species in the park. Not wanting to seem too one dimensional with our list we added some of the non commercial attractions to the list. In the end the number one will be something that can hold the attention and keep people coming back for more to the park itself.

What gets the others in?

We didn’t want to be too strict on this list. We wanted to emphasise the park itself but we didn’t want to forget about the surrounding areas which would offer some respite for travellers in the park. In short we added in some of the most useful things like where to eat, lodge and pick up a guide alongside the trails and amazing things to see and do.

Final thoughts

You need to know a few things about the park. Firstly you need a guide, this is both for your own safety (have a look at some of the animals in our top ten if you’re in doubt) and so that you don’t get lost. The second thing to remember is that you need a lot of water and protective clothing so that you don’t hurt yourself, take your cues from the weather and guides here. Lastly remember not all of the park is open to the public so don’t be too surprised if some areas are off limits. All in all the area is an amazing get away from the usual hustle and bustle of the metro areas on the island and will offer a real insight into what the island once looked like.

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