Top Ten Waterbom Bali

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There comes a time in many peoples life when they come for the first time to a water park. At a young age the drive is usually horrible, almost like the longest pregnant pause you could ever imagine. Then, once you’ve reached the destination the world and it’s sheer joy opens up to you. The unbridled happiness of a young girl or boy visiting a waterpark is something to behold. After scouring the review sites and looking into more about what Waterbom Bali had to offer we decided that it would be appropriate not only to include it in our top tens but to offer it a top ten all of it’s own.

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What makes a number attraction or ride at Waterbom Bali?

This is a top ten where the paying public speak their mind. What is the best of the best at Waterbom Bali? Is it an adrenalin filled ride or is it something more relaxing for the adults? Whatever it is we don’t want to prejudice any of that by telling you which way you should vote! So just think with fun in mind and rate your favourite aspects of the park!

What gets the others in?

We tried to make this list with everyone in mind. We included some of the Adult stuff, some of the food service stuff and some of the attractions along side the more high profile slides and water fun. We know full well that adults need to be entertained too so we made sure that we showcased some of the parks more adult oriented areas. The sunken pool bar is probably the most important of all with it’s tropical type set up. All the other entries were included for excellence in their fields be it a quality attraction, a real novelty or a food court which offers choice.

Final thoughts

In the end it needs to be noted that Waterbom Bali is highly rated for good reasons. It has a real handle on the slides and amusements that will entertain kids and it has real options for adults. What’s most important about the park is that it is family friendly and can offer real exhilaration and a safe clean atmosphere. Big kids can enjoy the rides too and their are very few restrictions on height and age which really helps the process go very smoothly. Relatively centrally located the park really isn’t hard to get to so transport isn’t a problem, however if you’re afraid of big slides, speed, heights and big splashes we wouldn’t recommend some of the more intense slides.

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