Top Ten Sports Bars

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We know exactly where your head is at. You’re thinking “Oh no, where are we going to watch the game”. You’re in a beautiful island paradise but you really don’t want to miss your favourite teams finest hour, right? Well then, you’re in luck. Bali, after decades and decades of Australians asking “have you got the AFL/State of Origin/Cricket/other sport” has caved and started piping in world sport (including Australian sport) by the bucket load. To be honest we were surprised we were able to fill the entire list, however if you think about it it makes a lot of sense for them to have a vast bounty of licences/flat screens/AV equipment. This said we would still definitely ring ahead as some may not have the licence/rights to show the game you’re looking for.

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What makes a number 1 sports Bar?

A good Sports Bar has a lot going for it. It has a lot of screens and a lot of capacity to show a lot of sports from all over the world. Add to this a place that serves great food and has a real reputation for both service and consistency and you’re on to a winner. Location is also important and great sports bars should be relatively easy to get to . A good outdoor area can also help and a good atmosphere will also help put a sports bar  at number 1.

What gets the others in?

The others get in on the grounds that they all have a real commitment to showing live sports and are capable of showing sports from all over the world. It needs to be noted that non-Australians need to be aware that the sports shown may be focused towards Australian audiences. With this in mind you may be well served to call ahead of time to ask about whether or not your sport/game is due to be shown. Some venues will only be capable of showing a small number of sports at any one time so save yourself some hassle.

Final Thoughts

Sports fans know how important a list like this is. All sports fans have an emotional bond with their team that cannot be broken. For that reason it’s almost unthinkable for anyone to go somewhere for a holiday and miss some of the big games at home. Bali is ready for almost everything when it comes to catering to sporting events back in Australia. With this in mind you shouldn’t have too much of a problem, however  we repeat, you will be best advised to call ahead and make sure that those managing the venue are sure of what event you are looking to enjoy.

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