Top Ten spas and relaxation places in Bali

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Think of any tourism guide or travel show which featured Bali. We know what’s coming into your head; amazing beaches, indoor/outdoor bars and last but not least; spas and relaxation spots. For everyone who hits the little island paradise spas, massage and relaxation is not far from the mind. Bali is, for good reason, known for top quality in this arena. Without doubt there are some amazing relaxation spots in Australia however the prices that prevail simply don’t allow you to indulge on an almost daily basis. That is where a holiday in Bali comes in. So take a look at our list and see what catches your fancy!

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What makes a number 1 spas and relaxation place in Bali?

With a serious amount of variety in treatments and services it’s no wonder Bali is popular for spas and relaxation centres. The island offers great service from (ordinarily) well trained staff, and it shows. Unlike other holiday hotspots the island prices are low so it is possible to completely indulge without too much worry. Facilities, atmosphere and general quality of delivery is what places a retailer of relaxation within the top ten. Considering how hot the competition is, it takes something very special to get one to the top.

What gets the others in?

Like with a few other top ten lists on this site there is no shortage of people or companies in this trade. Thats not to say they are all as good as the top ten, not at all. Competition is high amongst the vendors and standards of facilities, choice and service are high at the top end. That said standards, as they often do, can slip off as the prices drop. In this trade it really is a case of you get what you pay for so our best advice would be to avoid the bargain basement, prices aren’t that high anyway.

Final Thoughts

It’s really no surprise that Bali has a rich and deep industry when it comes to spas and relaxation spots. It’s no surprise because considering how many tourists and how cheap (relatively speaking) everything is there was always going to be a booming demand. While there are a lot more than just 10 (we had to trim our list down quite considerably) quality does vary. The best of the best are usually the long standing locations with a long legacy of good reviews. That said there is somewhat of a lack of reviews online for some. With this in mind it is advisable to ask around in order to find out what the most up to date reviews are.

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