Top Ten Shopping Spots in Bali

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The key thing to remember about Bali is that yes, some of the shops and markets are really great places, but no, it is not a boutique paradise. Like many locations in Asia the set up is different, the bartering is different and the layouts are different to what you’ll see in most locales in the major Australian cities. Bali has a lot of big brand names and some really great super stores so it should easily be capable of offering a great experience to any shopping lover. What’s most important of all is the pricing, unlike most Australian cities the prices can be very low and for this reason the location is a hotspot for those looking for a bargain.

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Why is the Discovery Shopping Mall number 1?

A top mall really should have everything you could hope for in a mall in Bali. Big brands have come to the party and serious bargains should be had. Immaculate cleanliness with all of the usual facilities are a must. In addition to this a top mall or shopping spot needs to offer unique events and showcases which can capture the imagination.

What gets the others in?

Bali is a good place to go shopping. Ok there are not as many malls, shopping centres or boutique boulevards as you would expect in a place like Sydney, but the bargains are there. Considering how low the prices can get its no surprise that this particular area of tourism has seen real growth in the last few years. Additionally as a lot of the centres are owned by big global or national players you can expect high quality service, merchandise, facilities and brands.

Final thoughts

Shopping in Bali is a real treat. Ok it’s different to what we are all use to in Australia. Sure it is, but what did we expect? Without a little difference how could we enjoy the experience. While this may sound negative it really isn’t meant to be. Depending on where you’re from in Australia Bali may really surprise you in terms of what’s on offer. Some real big brands and some real great deals are available. In the end Bali is a lot less expensive than Australia and shopping till you drop can really be a lot more fun, especially when it doesn’t hurt your finances as much.

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