Top Ten Resorts in Bali

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We’ve all seen the pictures, indeed, we’ve all probably seen the videos. The resorts in Bali are truly world beating. Australians and others around the world put pictures of them on screen savers and dream of them from one week to the next. Along with some others in the tropics region Bali is the tropical island paradise we all long for. Ok, so it has a little rowdy side where crazed 19 year old tourists shout and fight on the street, but what locale with a tourist industry doesn’t? The point is that if you want to steer clear of the stag nights, hen nights and general madness it’s really not that hard. The resorts and some of their surrounding towns/villages have more than enough in terms of culture and dining excellence to keep you well away from the maddening crowds.

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What makes a number 1 Resort?

To be the best you need to be very, very highly rated in Bali. Site after site, review after review needs to cement the locations spot at number one. If we see that the number one spot is being taken by a contender who has not gotten good reviews elsewhere we will intervene. Resorts are serious business in Bali and here at Top Ten Bali we take them and the ranking of them very seriously.

What gets the others in?

The standard of this list is extremely high. Resorts in Bali are seriously second to none in terms of their luxury and sheer scale in facilities, hospitality and value for money. In some places the hotel reigns supreme however that is not the case in Bali, here it’s all about villas and resorts. The embarrassment of riches in this respect will leave you pining for your time in the island paradise and will leave you wanting more.

Final thoughts

Other countries and locations are well known for their hotels and inner city accommodations, not Bali. In Bali it’s all about the resorts. This is a little surprising considering how closely packed the island is. Don’t get us wrong, the island does indeed have some very impressive hotels which we will talk about at length in another article but for most the best option is the resorts. With differing accommodation arrangements all designed to let you get the most from the island and the sheer excitement of its outdoors Bali’s resorts really are top notch.

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