Top Ten Nightspots in Bali

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For those looking for a party in Bali; you will not be disappointed. The island now has an almost cult status as the party capital of Indonesia with people coming in from all over the world. What’s even better is that the local industry is very much up to speed at this point and standards are actually quite high. Boasting a nightlife that caters to the gay community, the cheap backpacker, the high roller and the laid back is no mean feat but rest assured Bali does have something for every taste imaginable. Yes you do need to avoid most recreational drugs as their are some very strict laws.

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What makes a number 1 Bali nightspot?

A top nightspot is hard to tie down. What one person wants on a night out varies wildly from what another might want. Add to that the fact that it all boils down to you’re mood at the time and you have something that is increasingly difficult to tie down. Some things, however, are always important. Location, atmosphere and facilities are always important. A top nightspot should always focus on novelty and should alsways look to what customers are looking for but as yet have not found. A number 1 nightspot needs to be a leader, not a follower in the marketplace.

What gets the others in?

Talking about nightspots is a real challenge. For some the vision is of a loud pumping barn full of lights, dancers suspended from the roof and a DJ pumping out eardrum perferating tunes. For others it’s just a place to go to pick up members of the opposite or same sex for some leisure activities. For others again it’s a place to go to unwind with friends and potentially family and catch up on conversations. The others on this list got in beacuse they all offer something in that general mix of prospects. Additionally they are all highly rated and have real committments to service and facilities.

Final Thoughts

Bali has a lot of great party and nightspots. The island has well known hotspots and in addition is has some lesser known spots which offer amazing experiences. Not only this but the island also has a lot on offer for every palate. From hard partiers to those who just want to enjoy a nice drink on the beach with friends the island has everything. This list in particular focuses on the best of the best. In all truthfulness it omits some of the calmer spots and it doesn’t take the more niche and underground spots into account. There’s a reason for all this and it’s because consistency and solid available information is massively important.


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