Top Ten Music venues in Bali

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Hitting a new and foreign music scene is an exciting thing to do. Hearing lyrics and languages mix together can be an exciting way to broaden horizons and learn about new cultures and ways of life. What’s even more interesting in Bali is that you get a chance to see how the local music industry blends the local with the international to give its own spin on things. Bali really is a good place to see this as the island itself really is in a very interesting position in terms of culture. Residing in Muslim Indonesia but with a mainly Hindu population it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world each and every year, with this in mind you can imagine the potential for fusion!

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What makes a number 1 music venue?

A number 1 venue needs consistent music from good quality performers. The venue needs to boast good quality facilities with high quality stages and perhaps even food servies. Location is important but not a deal breaker, especially when you consider how important a good atmosphere is and how that can be created in out of the way places. Overall the most important aspect is that the variety of performers and acts reflects what music lovers crave so much.

What gets the others in?

Consistency of offering is important in this list. Sure lots of places offer music on a periodic or even semi consistent basis but not a lot of them actually offer it very consistently overtime. The venues above are either dedicated venues or have a good history/reputation for live music. This is important as so many bars in Bali will frequently transform and change. With the ten above their is some sense of continuity and this is important. In addition to this the venues are well rated for their food and drinks offerings and also have all the usual benchmarks in terms of quality of service and facilities.

Final thoughts

Live music in the fast moving bar culture of Bali is an important part of the landscape. That said it is precisely because the bar landscape changes so much that some of the bigger names previously well known are not on this list. This list, more than most others, needs the help of locals and tourists alike to maintain it in the face of constant change. Has one of our list been closed down or is the live music component no longer present? Tell us and we’ll update. It’s also advisable to call ahead with these to avoid disappointment.

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