Top Ten local food in Bali

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It’s happened to the best of us. We set out on a voyage of discovery with high hopes for exotic foodie experiences only to shirk at the offering due to the unexpected nature of the offering. So what should one expect when he or she hits Bali in terms of the local cuisine? We here at Top Ten Bali thought we would lay out the top ten dishes Bali has to offer to get you accustomed to the best of the best from the tropical island paradise. We would also love to hear more about the dishes below so please, tell us what you think.

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What makes a number 1 Balinese dish?

Balinese cuisine, which has been lauded by serious heavyweights in the culinary world is a major draw card of the island. To say that it has a unique take on cuisine and the culinary arts is an understatement. When you consider how much effort goes into the preparation of the dishes you can only be amazed by the sheer dedication to the craft involved. In many ways it’s a surprise that an independent style of this type would flourish in an island that is flanked on both sides by cultures that are culinary players in their own right. In this sense getting to the top is hard but it’s really up to the public to give us direction and votes on this, so vote!

What gets the others in?

The unique qualities of the others are what get them onto this list. Some of them are really nothing like the standard fare available elsewhere in the region and some ever are only native and offered in some areas of the island. Some are however included because they are simply best in class and would do any culinary location proud. All in all the list is a mixed bag with local snacks all the way up to high prep items which are considered just occasional food.

Final thoughts

Bali is a culinary hotspot. It’s not just that when tourists came they upped the competition and improved things, by all accounts the island has always had high standards. While you may not wish to venture past the normal tourist food every day it’s still worth trying out something that locals really do pride themselves on. So why not give the local fare a try, at least in one of the higher quality spots. If you’re still unsure just ask how the dish is made, as with any dish local customs may differ and different meats may be used at different times.


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