Top Ten Karaoke in Bali

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The key thing to remember about the nightlife in Bali is that for the most part it’s relatively fluid. Sure Bali does not have many dedicated karaoke bars (with special rooms, equipment and general facilities) but they do have a lot of bars where karaoke nights (where one DJ calls up revellers to sing in front of the crowd). This is a good and bad thing for those who truly love the authentic Korean karaoke experience. This said their are a few bars in Bali where karaoke is either the main event or even, in some cases, special rooms are available.

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What makes a number 1 Karaoke Bar?

Number one spots need to have it all, purpose built karaoke rooms, a club, good food and a solid variety of drinks to keep any reveller happy. What gets a karaoke bar  to the top is its ability to adequately offer the authentic karaoke experience with more options available if you perhaps want the night to continue. The venue itself needs to be large , especially in a place, like Bali, where other venues are prone to repurposing all too often. The venue also needs to pick up consistently good reviews and a demonstrable commitment to quality.

What gets the others in?

It takes a lot to get to number 1 but getting intop the list is not so hard number 1. If a location has a commitment to karaoke they will see their premises rank higher however if they just have a karaoke “night” i.e. they just have one night when a karaoke DJ arrives then they will see themselves a little lower. This is not to say that we here in top ten land don’t like this approach, it’s just that for the karaoke diehards this simply is a second class experience.

Final thoughts

Bali is a long way from Karaoke heartland, but it’s not so far that it’s completely out of touch. The bars and clubs of the island offer a lot of different forms of the art. With that said visitors will need to be realistic about how authentic the experience will be. For the most part those locales and venues that brand themselves as karaoke bars don’t really meet the mark. Most will not have the room set up or the equipment that connoisseurs of the singing clubs will be used to. This is not such a problem however as a lot of the karaoke bars will at least try to offer their own spin on things and at times this does make up for it.

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