Top Ten indoor fun in Bali (Rainy day)

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For the most part the weather in Bali is beautiful. Ok, so at times it can be pretty humid and a little close for comfort, but it’s not as windy or cold as the locales it’s tourists have come from. So why then bother having a top ten indoor for the place we hear you ask? Well you only need to ask anyone who has visited Bali and they’ll tell you that at times the outdoors can be a little stifling at humid times and downright scary at stormy times. Being a tropical climate it does see some storms and rain so there’s ample reason to consider indoor alternatives during less pleasant days.

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What gets a location to number 1 as indoor fun in Bali?

It can be hard to know what to do sometimes when bad weather strikes. The key element is that you still enjoy yourself, but how? If you find yourself hitting Bali on a nightmare week you really don’t want to spend the entire time in your hotel or villa, so what’s on offer. A number one entry in this list is one which offers a great experience which is almost exclusively indoors. The usual requirements for facilities, atmosphere and service still apply but ease of access is also important with places with quick access from the road given extra points by most reviewers.

What gets the others in?

This list really is a collection of some of the best indoor top tens on the site. Some of the spots are a symbol of something you could do on a rainy day. An example of this would be the entry on the Akasaka Karaoke & Music Room. You could go directly to the Akasaka Karaoke & Music Room or you could check out all of the Karaoke options and see which one suits you and your circumstances best.

Final thoughts

Even if the weather is kind to you in the tropical island it can still be fun to hit some of the indoor spots in Bali. The island really does have an extensive amount of culture and it does offer more than its fair share of character. Beyond that the island does also have a deeply mystifying religious culture which offers unique experiences both indoor and outdoor. In short the island offers a real range of indoor experiences which can be loved and enjoyed in any weather. Yes some of the indoor venues will also have outdoor components but this shouldn’t put anyone off.

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