Top Ten Gyms in Bali

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For many Australians the gym is the place to be. The fitness mad nation constantly wants to be trimmer leaner and tighter. But what about when it’s on holiday? For a lot of us holidays mean holidays from the merciless gym, but not for everyone. Some will eagerly scour the internet for quality gyms to keep up their regimes while they spend the evenings pursuing less healthy activities. Whether it be casual membership (remember to call gyms beforehand to avoid disappointment as some do not take casual members) or long term membership (for locals and expats) this is the top ten for the gym junkies in Bali.

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What makes a number 1 gym in Bali?

In terms of gyms whats really important is facilities. Having a lot of treadmills, cardio machines, weights and other weight apparatuses is all important. Second to this comes hygene; having a clean gym can help members avoid picking up any nasty bugs and generally helps people enjoy their time more. Finally comes atmosphere and service, while these are not as important as the other two they can make the difference in a list like this.

What gets the others in?

If you look at the top ten gym lists for Australian cities you will see extremely intense competition. Unfortunately that is not the case in Bali. The island does has something of a gym culture but it is years behind some of the more household names in other countries. In truth we guess this could be down to the transient lifestyle of tourists to the island. Without a constant flow of solid year long subscriptions gyms can’t survive in the way they do in less tourist focused areas. All in all you won’t struggle to find a good gym but you may struggle to find what you are use to.

Final thoughts

Gyms in Bali are not the same as gyms in Australia. Yes, the best are relatively similar, however the lesser gyms really are way behind. This would be fine for the seasoned gym goer but it doesn’t work out too well for someone new to the practice. In short if you like your home comforts and the same standards that you are use to in Australia you may need to either pay over the normal price and travel a little more than you would have expected. For an island of over 4 million people this is a little bit of a surprise however as the years go by the standards are expected to improve generally.

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