Top Ten golfesq in Bali

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So you want to hit some golf balls, but you don’t want a long game. Or maybe you want to do a little putting but you don’t want the effort of teeing off first, or maybe you just straight up want to hit some golf balls. For us in the Top Ten world we use the term “golfesq” to describe the rest of the the happy family of golf. Pitch and putt, mini/crazy golf, driving ranges and some other novelty golf activities like indoor/night golf and virtual golf are all included. Some locales may have all of the family and some have just one so keep a lookout for the different options available.

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What gets a location to number 1?

We’re just going to come out and say it; we really struggled with this list. Ordinarily we have wealth of choice when it comes to golf related fun however this is unfortunately not the case in Bali. That fact is by no means directed towards the current list however those who are operating in the golf world should contact us and tell us if there are any Bali courses we have overlooked.

What gets the others in?

Just like our experience on the golf courses page we struggled on this topic which is ordinarily a walk in the park. Normally finding 10 worthy and deserving mini/crazy golf, pitch and putt, driving range or alternative golf locations is easy and contenders are stacked high. Sadly due to the nature and demand for golf on the island this has not materialised for Bali.

Final thoughts

Don’t get us wrong, Bali really does have a golf scene. But the island is limited by size (it’s only around twice the size of Australia’s Capital Territory) so just remember it’s good, but it’s not world beating. The golf scene off the normal beaten track of the standard courses is ok, but it’s not amazing. The top ten in this case was a struggle, especially because some of the locales simply don’t have websites and finding out if they are still in business is too difficult when it comes to placing them in the top ten.

Call for help! This is one of the only lists where we did not get to ten. Do you know any deserving golf related (just not golf courses) that should be in this list? Please tell us below!

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