Top Ten Golf Clubs in Bali

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Golf and tropical climates are the thing of lottery adverts and dreams. Bali is no different in this respect. It’s golf courses and clubs speaks to its now long held international tourism history. What’s even better is that some of the top resorts actually have their own private golf courses for members, making it easy to access some truly amazingly landscaped courses without needing to wait or pay ridiculous amounts. Admittedly the island doesn’t have quite as many courses as some would like but where they are situated is usually pretty magnificent. There’s only so much we can say about how amazing they really are. They key is to get out there and check them out!

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What makes a number 1 Golf Club in Bali?

What’s important to golfers in Bali is the same as what is important to golfers everywhere. Well maintained courses, quality facilities and great service are always the most important aspects of what will put one club ahead of the next. While Bali does not have a huge abundance of courses (sadly we didn’t get ten) it does offer courses with that tropical flair that will offer newcomers an extra little novelty. This novelty  will set the course apart from what you may be use to back home, and that is important for this lists purposes.

What gets the others in?

We’ll be honest here, we really struggled on this one. Despite having over 4 million people Bali does not have a massive number of golf courses. What it has are very high standard courses with very good quality grounds. These venues are also usually well stacked with great quality food, facilities and most times they will have hotels and resorts in close attendance. In short Bali has enough great quality courses for a golf holiday but the place is not exactly on a par with, for example, an Australian city of equal size.

Final thoughts

Tropical golf really does have a life of its own. It can be a lot of fun with unusual flora and fauna and different conditions bringing about different aspects to the game. It can however be a little stifling with high humidity and a high propensity for rain. Stormy conditions can also prevail and unpredictable changes are not uncommon. November to March really is a time where rain is most likely to interfere. Anyone from tropical Australia will know how this impacts golf and they also know how much of a double edged sword it is. On one hand the greens, and fairways are lush, but on the other the courses can be unusable at times.

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