Top Ten first dates in Bali

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So let’s say you meet a girl or a guy in the bars and clubs of Kuta, and you want to impress on a date, but there’s a problem. You’re on foreign ground, devoid of all your trusted spots that would otherwise blow away any prospective partner and at the mercy of the hot and cold quality of a seemingly random island. Ok, so it may seem random and foreboding but rest assured it really isn’t, Bali has a lot of really amazing places to impress anyone, even without taking any real dating risks. So never fear, the ultimate top ten first date guide is here to save all you hopeless girls and guys!

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Why is Gado Gado number 1?

A number one spot for a first date is always a bit of a challenge to tie down,for more reasons than one. Despite this some elements are still critical. Consistency in serving up one of the best settings in Bali is important, if you want to make a big impression. What’s also important on a first date is a location which will offer a real options if both of you are looking for something to do to keep the fun going (ore to make a quick escape).

What gets the others in?

Some of the listings are safe choices and some are relatively risky ventures. There are times when you may know the person for a while but have never actually formally asked them on a date. In these cases you may be able to convince the other person to take a day trip to somewhere. In other cases you may know the person well and know that they have very specific interests, maybe they’re into high culture or animals. In these cases perhaps gearing the date around museums or animal parks may help.

Final thoughts

Everyone now expects a little more from the dating game. More and more the dating pool is getting ever more competitive and bringning something unique and well thought out can really help the experience along. That said the game is full of the usual pitfalls and no matter how hard you try some nights are just not going to be repeated. The best anyone can really do is try to get to know the person in a good environment and see if the experience makes you want to learn more about them. Beyond this you’re on your own guys and gals!

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