Top Ten Eats by the Beach in Bali

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Eating by the beach is special. Watching the sun rotate around in it’s normal routine while chewing away on the earth and seas bounty is something almost profound. Looking at the sea and its vastness while drinking is equally as transfixing. What better soundtrack is their to relaxation than the waves lapping around as you sip on a novelty cocktail with obscenely large umbrellas and random nik naks. For that reason, and that we would be a ghastly pack of fools if we didn’t, we created the top ten eats by the beach list. Would you ever forgive us if we didn’t?

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What makes a number 1 Eats by the Beach in Bali?

A good beachside restaurant has everything you could possibly want in a holiday eatery. A fine dining establishment by the beach should have great dishes, great wines, a great indoor area and, as you would expect, an amazing view. What puts a number one beachside restaurant ahead of the others is a commitment to quality in every facet.

What gets the others in?

All of those listed have one obvious thing in common, they all have amazing outdoor areas which overlook the sea. That on its own would usually be enough to guarantee high praise in almost any other location but not in Bali. Because of the mild weather and the rarity of high winds outdoor areas are actually quite common and competition is stiff. For this reason we only featured locations with quality reputations for customer service, great menus and a great execution.

Final thoughts

Bali is an indoor/outdoor type place. A lot of businesses will have open areas where there are no real doors or even roofs. While this may not be a surprise to Australian visitors, it’s an absolute revelation to those of us with experience in colder climates. This list really is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of outdoor living and outdoor dining. By all accounts this is an amazing way to live while you holiday however don’t forget those closed off locales when things get too hot or too stormy.

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