Top Ten Coffee places in Bali

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So we know (or at least we think) that this article won’t be the most popular in this particular Top Ten series. Coffee simply isn’t in as much demand in tropical hot spots as it would be in the CBD’s of Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane to mention just a few. This said Bali still has a lot of people working hard to get through a day of work and as such it still has a coffee culture, albeit smaller. In recent years as the coffee culture in it’s tourist feeder cities has increased Bali has started to follow.

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What makes a number 1 coffee house?

In terms of coffee quality we here in Top Ten Land always find it difficult to research coffee houses in terms of how good the coffee is and not just how good the cafe is. For this reason we always make sure to review and research focusing solely on the quality and the consistency of the coffee. This is so some coffee house which have poor coffee, but a high quality lunch menu, for example, don’t hit number 1.

What gets the others in?

The usual mix of good quality blends, solid variety and well trained baristas get the others in. A good quality cafe itself is really just a benchmark which all must exceed to get into the list. So while the main aim is to give the high spots to the best coffee it has to be noted that if a location clearly is either dangerous, has poor hygiene standards, has poorly trained or unfriendly staff that will not work in its favour. In face what can happen is that en masse people review these places as good for coffee but mark them down noticeably for everything else, the net result is that they don’t get noticed.

Final thoughts

There comes a time in every holiday when you find yourself looking for a pick me up. Looking for something which will bring you out of your hangover and back into the real world. Bali is, despite a few outlets offering fairly low quality coffee, relatively well served in this respect. It has a good number of quality coffee houses but they are mainly around the same places and tend to focus on the tourist areas. Considering Bali sits beside the island of Java, which is a world renowned coffee grower, one shouldn’t really be surprised that standards, at least for the beans themselves, are quite high.

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