Top Ten Cinemas, Theatres and entertainment venues in Bali

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Even in a tropical paradise there are times when you just want to be entertained indoors away from the heat. It may won’t be the first thing you think of before you jet off but it is a real option if you want a little break from the humid weather (many cinemas have functioning air conditioning). This list is all about any kind of entertainment. From the good old fashioned cinema (there are two cinemas which offer a lot of english language films) to the high culture theatre all the way to something like Akasaka which is an entertainment complex with more than it’s fair share of entertainment choices.

Top Rating Cinemas, Theatres and entertainment venues in Bali

1 Nusa Dua Theatre - Nusa Dua 4.75/5 (4)
2 Cinema XXI - Kuta 4.08/5 (13)
3 Kuta Theater - Kuta 4/5 (4)
4 Akasaka - Denpasar 4/5 (3)
5 Bali Theatre - Gianyar 3.67/5 (6)
6 Frankensteins Laboratory - Seminyak 3.5/5 (2)
7 Bali Beach Shack - Legian 3.5/5 (2)
8 Galeria XXI - Kuta 3.5/5 (2)
9 Boshe- VVIP Club Bali - Kuta 3/5 (1)
10 District Karaoke - Kuta 2.83/5 (6)

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What makes a number 1 Cinema, Theatre or entertainment venue?

When it comes to foreign holidays nothing gets you into the culture of another part of the world like a little local entertainment. Equally there are times when you just want to check out the flicks to see the latest film. Bali cinemas and theatres are not numerous but they can be very entertaining.

What gets the others in?

The others are a mix of cinemas, smaller theatres, entertainment venues and music hotspots. The usual criteria applies here. Facilities need to be of a high standard, service needs to be top drawer and the venue needs to offer good food and drinks menus. In the end Bali does not have the depth you may come to know in this area however it does still have a fair degree of choice so enjoy the entertainment and breathe in that culture.

Final thoughts

Here in Top Ten Land we usually have one top ten for cinemas and other top tens for shows and theatres. However due to the fact that there really isn’t a lot of English language cinemas and some of the other options can be a little thin on the ground we decided to combine them all into this one list. While this may not suit everyone it does offer an interesting mix of choices which does represent the fact that there is a little difficulty with language when it comes to checking out the local culture. We hope that we find others to furnish this list a little more so if you have any additions please pass them onto us below.

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