Top Ten Biggest towns and cities 5/5 (1)

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We know what you’re thinking. Just because a town in Bali is big, does not mean that it has a lot of tourist infrastructure. We know, we really do. This list is mainly just to give you a little insight into the other towns (not just Kuta and surrounds) and how they all fit into the mix in Bali. Considering how small the island is (just around twice the size of the Australian Capital Territory) it really is jaw dropping to think that it supports over four million people. By all accounts the island can be a little crowded but 4 million, that seems crazy, right? What’s even more odd is that no one town seems to hose a disproportionate number. Ok, if you add Denpasar and all the Kutas (these are basically a continual metropolitan area) you get a big number (1.5 million roughly), but the rest is relatively evenly spread.

1. Denpasar 788,589 (4 districts of north, east, south and west)   Google Maps  Report
2. Mengwi 122,829   Google Maps  Report
3. Kuta Selatan (South Kuta) 115,918   Google Maps  Report
4. Sukawati 110,429   Google Maps  Report
5. Kuta Utara (North Kuta) 103,715   Google Maps  Report
6. Abiensemal 88,144   Google Maps  Report
7. Kuta 86,483   Google Maps  Report
8. Karangasem 82,606   Google Maps  Report
9. Singaraja 80,500   Google Maps  Report
10. Gerokgak 78,825   Google Maps  Report
11. Negara 77,818   Google Maps  Report
12. Tabanan 70,526   Google Maps  Report
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Why is Denpasar number 1?

Well, in this particular top ten the number one spot is really just taken up by a very straightforward metric i.e. who has the most humans in their city. In this case Denpasar took topspot because it, as a metro region has more people than any other metro region on the island. Sure the city is, like the others on the list, broken into districts however even with this in mind all four districts are bigger than any other district on the list.

What gets the others in?

We tried to do this in a sort of “what are the biggest cities in Bali” type way but it didn’t work. We ended up using the census of 2010 to work out the relative populations of the districts. This doesn’t necessarily give you the best understanding of what the major metro spots are but it does give you an impression of where the biggest areas are. In short below is a list of all the regencies (each of which have multiple districts).

1 Badung  Capital; Mangupura
2 Bangli Capital; Bangli
3 Buleleng Capital; Singaraja
4 Gianyar Capital; Gianyar
5 Jembrana Capital; Negara
6 Karangasem Capital; Amlapura
7 Klungkung Capital; Semarapura
8 Tabanan Capital; Tabanan

1 Denpasar Capital; Denpasar

Final thoughts

Not all of the highly populated locations in Bali are tourist hotspots but at the same time not all of the best of Bali are in the tourist hotspots. What’s really interesting about most tourist experiences on the island is that so little is spoken about the capital Denpasar. Some of the most densely populated spots still show that the island still has more to reveal and show to the world in the years and decades ahead. What does the island have in store in terms of its plans for promoting the lesser known spots, who knows?

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