Top Ten Beaches in Bali

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When you talk about Bali you almost always talk about its amazing beaches. With the tourism boom which started from the 1970’s came an influx of beach worshippers and a new industry ready to cater to their every need. This all resulted in an unusual situation where a lot of the islands beaches were in many ways colonised by the local tourism industry. Frequently you’ll see resort/bar/hotel owned deck chairs and other furniture sitting on the sand. For an Australian this is slightly odd as the norm in Australian beaches is for them to remain strictly public. Despite all this there are still some great beaches in the island, so why not have a look.

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What makes a number 1 Bali beach?

A number one beach is one that can offer everything. Local shops, bars and restaurants are a must. Additionally a number one beach needs to sty clean and has a good balance of businesses without being totally overrun. A great beach could also offer a good location with other great beaches within an easy walk, but this isn’t essential.

What gets the others in?

When it comes to beaches we here in top ten land know that their is a beach for every occasion. For this reason we have tried to include all beaches for all tastes. For the surfers we have Balangan, Nusa Dua and Sanur . There are many more surf beaches but it depends on the season; dry or wet. For those looking for snorkelling you have the Blue Lagoon and Mushroom Beach, both are great spots. For those looking for restaurants and nightlife in your beach you have Legian, and to a lesser extent, the others. Quiet beaches are relatively hard to find however some of the surf beaches can offer a little calmness at the right times.

Final thoughts

Beaches in Bali are so varied and offer such differing experiences that they will have something to offer for almost every beach goer. From those who love quiet secluded beaches, to those who like to be seen, to those who just want to get into the water there is something for everyone. Indeed some of the beaches will even manage to offer drinks and food while retaining pristine sand and seas.

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