Top Ten Bali gay scene

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Despite the fact that the small island of Bali is part of the predominantly conservative Indonesia, the atmosphere in the tourism hotspot towards LGBT culture is relaxed. Ok, it may not be the best place to flaunt it but due to the fact that the island is predominantly Hindu (a religion which usually does not otherwise have strong prohibition towards gay culture) you’re unlikely to see any real trouble. By most accounts the centre of this culture is in Seminyak where gay clubs, gay friendly bars and pick up spots are common. Within Seminyak the best spot is usually noted as Jalan Dyana Pura which has probably the biggest concentration of LBGT events and festivities.

Top Rating Gay Scene

1 Mixwell - Seminyak 4.67/5 (3)
2 Bali Joe - Seminyak 4.67/5 (3)
3 Facebar - Seminyak 4.5/5 (2)
4 Jalan Dhyana Pura - Seminyak 4.33/5 (3)
5 Rumours - Seminyak 4.33/5 (3)
6 Cocoon Beach - Seminyak 4/5 (1)
7 La Lucciola - Seminyak 3/5 (2)
8 M Spa - Seminyak 3/5 (1)
9 Ganesha beach - Seminyak 3/5 (1)
10 Potato Head - Seminyak 2.5/5 (4)

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What makes a number 1 gay scene?

In a place where bars and other nightspots are repurposed on a fairly regular basis the a good spot should be, relatively speaking quite consistent. Considering the high standards a good spot needs close to unanimous positive reviews. Yes, a lot of the best will be located close to Jalan Dyana Pura in Seminyak. The spot has its fair share of shows, events and a generally good vibe. Friendly staff and service are also needed.

What gets the others in?

Bali does fight above its weight in terms of the gay scene. The island has a lot on offer and can cater to every taste. In many respects the gay scene is no different to most things on the island, you can either join the hard party goers, party/chill at home or you can relax in less intense clubs and bars. The key here is choice, due to the size of the scene you won’t be forced into a particular set. What gets the others into this list is simply their prominence in the scene itself. By all means if you find something additional to these ten we here at Top Ten Bali would be happy to pass on the good news.

Final thoughts

Bali is not Ibiza. Sure it has a lot to offer the LGBT community, but it’s not quite up there with the sheer pageantry, noise and flamboyant displays that can be the norm in other hotspots. It does have some shows, clubs, bars, culture and general acceptance but the scale is slightly smaller. This said it has to be noted that there is a lot to do in Bali and with generous accommodation (especially the villas) you can approach the holiday in a different way; alternating between partying at home and hitting the usual haunts. In the end there is a lot on offer and hard partying is not off the agenda by any means, so enjoy!

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