Top Ten Bali Attractions

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The first thing to remember about Bali is that it has an amazing culture all of it’s own making. Unlike the rest of Indonesia the island is predominantly Hindu which for the non initiated means that they have a very different philosophy and belief structure than that of other religions. In real terms this approach to life brings with it some very colourful displays, monuments and symbols which, for a non Hindu, or a non Balinese person, feels like a festival for the eyes. For this reason we have tried to put as much local heritage as we could into the Balinese top ten attractions.

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What makes a number 1 attraction?

A number one ranked attraction can relate to the culture, art and history of the island. It can also be an amazing modern facility which offers lots to do and enjoy.  In essence a top attraction needs to offer something really special as it’s the highest, most sought after honour to confer on any type of location or business. Some of the purists would like it to be exclusively cultural, but holiday makers don’t always want culture. In the end the winning entry is always the one that most can agree on.

What gets the others in?

We made every effort to build a list which covered the whole island and offered variety ahead of everything else. The list is primarily made up of locations that are of real significance to the island and show the real depth in the island. The variety and high culture of many of the entries should put the idea the island is just for party goers to bed. All of those listed offer very different experiences and vary from old world to modern well stocked amusements.

Final thoughts

Some will come to the island with just parties in mind and some will want a little culture, but the two are not mutually exclusive. You may not want to spend your entire time on the island going from one place to another but their are big rewards to be gained from at least a little exploration. In any case it’s likely that you may find a day, or a night when you want a little break from partying. When that day comes, this is the list for you.

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