How we come up with top tens

The algorithms

Some of the most popular top tens (like that of the top ten restaurants) are compiled using an intelligent algorithm which combines reviews, comments, stars and ratings into a concise number. This system is made possible by many competing and varying review and listing sites around the web. At top ten Bali we use a number of these as we have taken the view, after considerable thought that some have higher levels of authenticity than others.

The simple top tens

On more simple top tens, where information is scarce we take a slightly different approach. We still use as comprehensive a range of reviews and other indicators as we can however we do then need to judge them on less reputable websites, the business website itself and on some occasions first hand accounts.

Voting on the site and the listings

At this moment in time we do not have an options for users to vote on listings however this may be present in the future. Comments are widely encouraged however we would ask that contributors avoid abusive, defamatory or insulting language. Infringements of this type of behaviour can result in removal of posts, banning of accounts or both.

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